Business Update – How a Dog Playpen Saved my Business


So as you guys remember, there was a terrible accident at my business a few months back. I thought for sure that I was doomed. After a few months of litigation, my insurance company finally settled.

I almost lost my business, but I was luckily able to bootstrap some cash.

Want to know how I did that? I started using that dog playpen that I had bought.

What? Well, I would bring the dog playpen to public places, such as the beach or the park, put my dogs inside of it, and let people pet the dogs!

I would do this in the off-hours, when my business wasn’t profitable (e.g. cost more to keep it open than it was making). I’d leave a tip jar outside of the dog playpen and asked people to contribute whatever they could.

I didn’t think that I would make much doing this, but it turns out that people really love petting dogs. There is something so soothing about petting a friendly puppy.

The dog playpen was perfect for this as it allowed the dogs to stay in an enclosed area, without risk of hurting anyone. It almost acted like a pen that you’d see at a petting zoo. The dog playpen that I had bought was a heavy-duty dog playpen, making it extremely hard for my excited puppies to get out. I also purchased a cover for the pet playpen so they couldn’t jump out, although I didn’t need to use that much. The dog playpen really tired them out.

I received so many compliments for bringing my dogs and dog pen around with me and offering this service. Whenever I would talk to people, I would give them my business card and suggest that they come in.

I altered my business cards to added a reminder on there that I was the ‘dog playpen’ guy. This has brought me in an incredible amount of business.

I still go out to the beach and parks during my slow times and earn some cash from the dog petting playpen tip jar, but my primary source of revenue from it comes in the form of the business that I generate from handing out my cards.

I really should write a more elaborate case study on this. It’s truly an amazing thing that I was able to accomplish – all with the will-power to succeed and a dog playpen (and some cute puppies)!

Thanks for reading – and for those of you who wrote in during my time of struggle, I really appreciate it. Your positive words kept me going.

Much respect!