Hired some help

So I finally bit the bullet and hired some help this past week. As you previously read, I had been having a bit of a problem getting the dogs to sit still when I was trying to groom them. Nothing that I was trying seemed to work.

I came across a video on YouTube and they suggested to use a partner if I was having a hard time:

Well, needless to say that’s what I tried out. I hired a high school student part-time who is interested in one day being a veterinarian. He said that it was impossible to find internships at veterinarians unless you’re in college, so he figured dog grooming was the next best thing. Okay, whatever works.

I’ll skip the boring stuff and let you know that it’s actually worked. He holds the dog while I groom it. Bam! No more restless dogs.

You have no idea how happy this makes me… it was seriously such a pain trying to groom the dogs by myself. While the expense of having another person is a bit daunting, it’s more than off-set by my increased efficiency.

I am well on my way to being profitable!