judgement day

judgement day

While Judgment Day has been upon me. After some back and forth with the lawyers, the owner of the dog that I accidentally her and myself have reached a settlement. While I can’t disclose the exact figure of the settlement, I will say that it is enough to nearly bankrupt me. I have no idea how a dog can cost me that much money.

And before anyone asks, yes I did have insurance. It was actually really good top-of-the-line Allstate insurance. Surprisingly, it didn’t even nearly come close enough to covering the cost of the lawsuit. They also claimed negligence on my part and when to pay out the full sum.

I had mentioned that my aunt had given me an inheritance. I had to use all of that in order to not go fully bankrupt.

As for the dog grooming business, I’m probably gonna have to put that on hold for a while. While it is my passion to be a dog groomer, I just simply can’t afford to take the risk right now. I need a steady income coming in. Yes, that means I’m gonna have to go back to my 9 to 5 job. Luckily my old employer is going to take me back. It’s really sad that I have to go back and work this job again. I was really enjoying the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

I’m starting to do dog grooming on the side. Hopefully I’ll be able to master the technique so when a more financially well-off I’ll be able to go back into dog grooming business.