Oh god

dog hurt

Well, my worst fear has happened… we accidentally hurt a dog when we were cutting him. This is absolutely my worst fear. At the very least, I’m lucky that the dog isn’t seriously injured. However, this is going to put a serious dent in my business.

It all started off when I was cutting a dog during a very bad storm. There was thunder and lightning going on for hours at this point. Normally that kind of weather doesn’t bother me, however for some reason today it absolutely startled me. During a particularly loud flash of lightning and a very loud boom of thunder that I wasn’t expecting, I jolted and accidentally took the shears to the dogs ear.

There was so much blood everywhere. The dog began to cry uncontrollably. He defecated in urinated all over the table. I felt God awful.

The owner had left us with the dog’s vet information should any emergencies occur. I immediately had my assistant apply pressure to the wound and calm the dog. While he did that, I called the veterinarian and let them know what happened. Fortunately, the owner of the dog goes to a very high end veterinarian. The veterinarian sent someone out to my shop to take care of the dog.

Once the dog was settled and no longer flailing and whining uncontrollably, the veterinarian took the dog away back to their business. That is when we begun cleanup of the salon.

I’m not particularly sure what’s going to happen as a result of this, but I am sure that I will be subject to some sort of lawsuit. I really feel bad for the dog and wish that this never happened. I guess this is a lesson learned for the future. Hopefully I don’t go out of business.